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Fashion illustration Friday

Fashion illustration Friday has a nice ring to it, don't you think? As you can see, I still dream of colourful winter, at least as clothes and accessories are concerned. As for weather, I don't mind the white Christmas (yet I rarely dream of white Christmas to be honest) or the snowy winter, but I'm not sad that we haven't had any snow this year...and really happy about the sunny days and arrival of the spring.

Kao što vidite, još sanjam šarenu zimu, barem što se odjeće i modnih dodataka tiče. Što se vremena time, nemam ništa protiv bijelog Božića ili snijega, ali nisam tužna što nismo imali snijega ove godine...i jako sam sretna zbog sunčanih dana i dolaska proljeća.

                                                                               DIY Ring
                                                                    Prsten koji sam izradila

 To make it, I have used fimo. I decorated it with nail polishes. Za izradu koristila sam fimo masu, a za ukrašavanje lakove za …

outfit post: tartan pants- odjevna kombinacija- karirane hlače

I'm not Scottish, but wearing tartan makes me feel like a  brave heart. ( reference to the movie intended)  Why? I guess because wearing tartan can be a challenge especially if you want to dress it up. Tartan will definitely not make you look slimmer  but in may make you look fabulous if you give it a chance. If not, you can always chose this pattern for accessories. You might have noticed that I have a special place in my heart for tartan. What to say about the rest of the outfit? 3 words that make me happy: leather, turtleneck and tartan.

*tar·tan 1(tärtn)
a. Any of numerous textile patterns consisting of stripes of varying widths and colors crossed at right angles against a solid background, each forming a distinctive design worn by the members of a Scottish clan. b. A twilled wool fabric or garment having such a pattern. 2. A plaid fabric. [Middle English tartane, possibly from Old French tiretaine, linsey-woolsey, probably from tiret, a kind of cloth, from tire, silk cloth, f…

Diploma (odjevna kombinacija) ---M.A (outfit post)

My outfit today is really colourful. I didn't used to be so comfortable with mixing colours but I guess that my taste has changed. Wearing different materials and patterns is what I go for lately.

As of today I hold a master's degree in:
- Crotian language and literature
- English language and literature

It is not that I'm bragging. Education is after all a matter of privilege. Everyone who wants to study and can afford it can have a degree of his choice. If  I hadn't had  financial support I would have never had the chance to study and hence graduate so it is not like it is only my personal achievement. Still, I'm very happy today and I want to share it with you.

Danas sam diplomirala! Nije da se hvalim, svatko tko ima priliku i potporu može završiti studij. Ipak magistar struke lijepo zvuči, zar ne? Jako sam sretna danas. Moj studij hrvatskog i engleskog jezika i književnosti došao je kraju. Pošto je danas moj dan obukla sam sve stvari koje volim, a to znači puno…

New in: ski jacket...Današnja sportska odjevna kombinacija

Spring is almost here and I bought a ski-jacket. What?! In my defense  I really like how it looks. Besides, sunny as it has been these past two days it is still cold and I have a violent cough...and I can't resist tartan (as you might have noticed). I love patterns but for tartan I just go crazy. There hasn't been any snow in either Mostar or Split ( I live in both of these cities as you might have noticed) this year and probably there won't be any. However, ski jackets are great because they're really warm and water resistant (being made for snow).  I like being warm so it is really a match made in heaven. In addition, I love mixing styles so matching this sporty jacket with something more girly will be a welcomed challenge.

Kupila sam jaknu za snijeg. Da, tamo gdje se kupuju sportska i snježna oprema, iako nemam nikakvu namjeru ići na skijanje ili igdje blizu snijega. Znam da je proljeće skoro tu, ali meni je još hladno, pa bilo sunčano svaki dan. Što mi se jako sviđa…

funny video/ smiješni video

I have made this video a year or so ago to make fun of the journalist who always make a such a drama out of everything to the point you have a feeling they're only happy when something bad happens. Here I'm trying to talk in the manner of tv reporters but I just end up laughing.
Ovaj video je nekakva zafrkancija na temu novinara koji uvijek dramatiziraju. To ide do toga da se čini da su najsretniji kad se dogodi neka katastrofa. Sjećam se nekog reportera koji je obukao čizme i ušao u pet centimetara vode negdje u Slavoniji. Uglavnom tu sam ja pokušavala pričati o poplavi Neretve, ali sam se nasmijala naravno pa nije baš uspio pokušaj.

Denim and leather says.... Sunčan dan uz Neretvu

I woke up in Mostar today and the day was so sunny I had to go for a walk and take photos of Neretva (the river in the background). So I finally have  found my perfect denim shirt...In my closet, the left over from my bro's adolescent years before he grow up to be NBA player kind of tall.
What does the combination of denim and leather says to you? To me one thing: rock! Rock in the sense of that positive chaotic energy and carelessness I associate with this kind of music.

Probudih se danas u Mostaru, a dan sunčan i krasan da ne može biti krasniji i naravno morala sam slikati Neretvu. Konačno sam pronašla košulju od jeansa, u svom ormaru, ostatak od vremena kad mi brat nije bio visok skoro dva metra pa je mogu preuzeti bez problema. Što vama kaže kombinacija jeansa i kože? Meni jednu star: Rock! U smislu te pozitivne kaotične energije i bezbrižnosti koju povezujem sa tom vrstom glazbe.

The Left hand of Darkness...Lijeva ruka tame...

It seems that lately I take outfit photos after dark. The thing is that I take them when (and where) I have the chance which mostly means a willing photographer and somewhat suitable location (in this case my sister in law and the parking of the mal a few hours ago). Now about the title... The Left Hand of Darkness is a 1969 novel by Ursula K. Le Guin that I have managed to finish today and that I would like to recommend. I'm immensely impressed both by the writer's writing skill not to say anything about the complexity with which she creates her fictional universe. Tolkien, you have found your match!
About the outfit: I'm wearing the same tights that I did last night just this time with a shorter skirt. The jacket you've seen before: Tally WeiJl (but man's department). The bag is from Borsa, shoes from Peko. The rest is vintage.
Lijeva ruka tame je roman Ursule K. Le Guin koji sam danas uspjela dovršiti i koji me oduševio tako da toplo preporučavam. Em žena ima tal…

Phantom in the Opera...and all that glitter---Fantom u operi i sav taj sjaj...

Phantom in the Opera is a novel I would recommend any day. Now, that also reminds me of the days when Tara and Nightwish were an item (Any comments on that anyone?)...But what that has to do with my post? Well, I've spend the evening in the Opera so there is that but mostly I just wanted an excuse to recommend the book to you. Seriously, if you have loved the film (not to mention the opera), you'll be crazy about the book.

I've a bad cold but it would take a lot more to keep me from the opening night of one of my favourite Croatian operas. Long story short, I always cry at opera. Not a little....Not like I shed a tear in a discrete way or  look all cultured and gentle (like the cool way the pretty women aka Julia Roberts did it), but literally I cry my eyes out...which is weird because I never cry at movies...or plays...It's kind of embarrassing.

On the upper side, I had the change to wear my gold glittery shoes. Remember that DIY project? It's on the blog somewher…

baby street style Split

Presenting Omiš / Moj pogled na Omiš

I'm just going to pretend it is summer if you don't mind. So, here it is: a summer outfit with a stunning city in the background. Omiš is a city where mountains, Cetina river and the sea meet to form something utterly beautiful. It is near my hometown Split but I guess in Croatia everything is near to everything.

the hat: no name, the shoes and bag: Borsa, the dress: DIY, the top: vintage

Maxi or a midi? Duga ili poluduga?

If you had to chose what would it be? Midi or a maxi? Mid length skirt or a maxi skirt? I like the mid length skirt because fashion-wise  it just feels like a breath of fresh air. It has been seen on a lot of runways, but I think its time is yet to come. Is it just me or do you feel a dose of vintage glam in a mid length skirt? Maxi  skirt on the other hand is so damn practical and there are so many ways one can wear it. I've seen a lot of amazing outfits featuring a maxi skirt, from glam to grunge, worn properly it can fit anyone's style.
 Here are two outfits, so tell me which one do you like best.

1. Midi
I wore this outfit for a walk with my sweetheart, but somehow we ended up in an exhibition of an amazing artist Florijan Mićković. As it was the opening night, I even had the pleasure of meeting the man.  

Ovu sam odjevnu kombinaciju obukla za šetnju po gradu sa dragim, ali na kraju smo bili na otvorenju izložbe Florijana Mićkovića. Jako su mi se svidjeli njegovi radovi, a …

Layering- today's outfit post...Slojevito odjevanje- današnje ruho

With temperatures being what they are layering clothes seems to be the only way. At one moment it is sunny and in the next cloudy and really cold. I like the aesthetic aspect of layering, but what appeals to me most of all is the practical side of it.  While I'm outside I can put on my hoodie and zip up and inside I can take some of my numerous layers of clothes off. Just in the case you're wondering how many layers I'm wearing the answer is about four...and if that makes me look like I have a few pounds more I couldn't care less. I was actually going to write something about stripes today but taking in consideration that the stripes on my pants are so subtle that one can hardly notice them (especially on the photos) I'll just say that I love stripes. Now I can wear all the stripes that I want and look as if I'm following trends.

Zdravo. Zima je još tu, mjenja raspoloženja kao netko kome su joj dali pogrješne ljekove i ne vidim drugog rješenja osim slojevitog …