petak, 30. rujna 2016.

Semptember favourites ( books and illustrations) / Rujanski favoriti ( knjige i ilustracije)

September has been a very active month on this blog. While August was all about fashion illustrations (with a bit of fashion and travel to spice it up), September turned out to be a lively mix of travel, fashion, book and art posts. There was plenty of writing too.  Often I was feeling quite philosophical on this little place of my own. Perhaps that means that it is time for this blog to take a new direction, one more focused on the writing. Who can tell for sure? Blogs change with us and they reflect ,in some ways, what is going on in our lives. What is a good blogging month anyway? The feeling we gave it all? I'm not sure what the next month will bring for this blog. I have a lot of prepared posts, but I'm not sure what exactly I will be publishing....and that is actually quite wonderful. That is what I like about the blogging. The element of surprise. Being able to surprise even ourselves. Enough talk for today. Time to sum it up and reflect on October. I've also prepared an outfit summary but I'm not sure yet will I publish it....As I was saying, you never know and that is where the fun in life is hidden:).

Rujan je bio vrlo aktivan mjesec. Dok je kolovoz bio posvećen modnih ilustracijama ( s malo mode i putovanja kao začinom), rujan je ispao nekakva živahna mješavina putovanja, mode, knjiga i umjetničkih objava. Bilo je tu i dosta pisanja. Često sam se osjećala raspoložena za filozofiranje ovdje na ovom mome malom virtualnom kutku. Možda to znači da je vrijeme da ovaj blog krene novim smjerom, onim koji je više usmjeren na pisanje. Tko to može reći zasigurno? Blogovi se mijenjaju s nama i oni na neki način reflektiraju što se događa u našem životu. Što je dobar mjesec za blog ionako? Osjećaj da smo se doista potrudili? Nisam sigurna što novi mjesec znači za ovaj blog. Imam dosta pripremljenih objava, ali nisam sigurna što ću točno objavljivati...i to je zapravo divna stvar. Taj element iznenađenja. Moći iznenaditi čak i sam sebe. Dosta priče za danas. Vrijeme je za sažetak rujna i pogled unatrag. Pripremila sam i sažetak odjevnih kombinacija, ali nisam sigurna hoću li ga objaviti....kao što sam govorila ranije, nikad se ne zna, a tu se zapravo krije zabavni aspekt život.:)



a sketch for this drawing

Purple lady


Capitoline Venus today

Kapitolska Venera danas

The Woman And The Sea

She is cooler than cool

četvrtak, 29. rujna 2016.

The Woman and The Sea....Žena i more

I'm coming out of the library. The air smells of sea. Not just any kind of sea. Autumn sea. I almost forgot what it felt like but now I remember it all. The sea always has a way of putting everything into perspective. The new season is here. The magic has begun. I let the moment linger, possibly because my mind has been calmed by an hour of reading modern Croatian poets. Literature is such a comfort for the mind. Among the pages, we find answers we didn't even look for. Besides the scent of sea, the air is different in another way. The evenings are getting colder. What I'm wearing as I'm getting away the libary isn't a lot different from the outfit I illustrated a few days prior. Flare jeans and turtlenecks have always had its place in my closet. Berets are a long favourite of mine as well. The only thing I seem to lack is a poncho. That might be why I illustrated this one. A poncho with red and orange stripes, linined with red pom poms. Who knows maybe somebody has already made it and I just failed to find it? Do you have a poncho in your closet?  If you do, how often do you wear it? Do you like flare jeans? Do you wear turtlenecks and polonecks? What is your favourite Autumn outfit? 

Izlazim iz knjižnice. Zrak miriše na more i to ne bilo kakvo more, već jesensko more. Skoro sam već zaboravila kakav je to osjećaj ali sada se ponovo sjećam svega. More uvijek, na neki svoj način, stavi sve u perspektivu. Novo godišnje doba je tu. Čarolija je počela. Puštam  trenutak da potraje, možda jer mi je um smiren nakon sat vremena čitanja modernih hrvatskih pjesnika. Književnost je velika utjeha za um. Između stranica nalazimo odgovore koje nismo ni tražili. Osim mirisa mora, zrak je drugačiji na još jedan način. Večeri postaju hladnije. Što nosim dok se udaljavam od knjižnice nije puno različito od ove odjevne kombinacije koju sam ilustrirala par dana ranije. Traperice na zvono kroja i dolčevite su uvijek imale svoje mjesto u mom ormaru. Već dugo volim i kape francuzice. Ono što mi nedostaje je pončo. Možda sam zato ilustrirala ovoga. Pončo s crvenim i narančastim prugama, obrubljen crvenim pomponima. Tko zna, možda ga je netko već napravio, a ja ga samo još nisam našla? Imate li vi pončo u svom ormaru? Ako da, koliko često ga nosite? Volite li traperice na zvono? Nosite li dolčevite? Što je vaša omiljena jesenska kombinacija?

srijeda, 28. rujna 2016.

The Lady In Red....

Have you ever heard that ballad 'The Lady In Red' by Chris De Burgh? You must have had, it's been around for a while. It's one of my favourite ballads, a perfect joining of beautiful music and meaningful lyrics. For some reason this song reminds me of another (probably even more famous ballad) and that would be 'Wonderful Tonight' by Eric Clapton. Actually, I think I know the reason and it has to do with how I interpret both of these songs. According to my personal interpretation, both of these ballads talk about a man who suddenly sees his lady in a new light and realizes just how gorgeous and wonderful she is. Now, what is more romantic than that? 

That line 'the lady in red is dancing with me'  caused me to form a very vivid visual image that has stuck in my mind ever since. I don't know about you, but I could always imagine mesmerized Eric dancing with Pattie Boyd (the women who inspired him to write the song) even if in Eric's song there is no mention of a red dress. I'm not exactly sure what Chris looks like ( I only know him for his song) so I never imagined him, but I know he wrote this one for his wife, so she must have had worn a red dress at least once. Anyhow, that could explain why I love red dresses so much. I've said many times that I associate red colour with love and I have a special place in my heart for red dresses. Perhaps I still associate red dresses with these songs. One thing that 'The Lady In Red' made me sure of is that wearing a red dress can make us feel empowered. There is a lesson to be learned from this song.

Today I decided to made a little selection. Style We is a place where you can look for these lovely things I'm sharing with you. I have already written about this site on my blog. What is unique about it is that they're supporting young designers hence their 'designers at fingertips' motto. I've chosen a few dresses, all very pretty in their own way, but this first one (the one with the kitty print) really blew me away. It's so fashion forward, isn't it? It is really remarkable how putting on a perfect dress can make us feel instantly dressed up and confident. Plus, dresses always seemed like taking the easy way for me, you slip them on and you're done. Plus, there is always that romantic aspect to them. Even if you're not the kind of women to go in for romance (not that I ever met that isn't), it is always a good idea to have at least one dress that makes us feel really special in our closet. You never know,  the perfect dress might be just a click away!

Look up Style We on youtube to see the new collections of designers they're collaborating with and more. Feel free to check out their blog as well. Have a lovely day!

utorak, 27. rujna 2016.

Inspired by...Nadahnuta s.... Jennifer

Today it is time for another post in my Inspired by....feature. This time I was inspired by Jennifer. You can see the elegant outfit I was inspired by here. To make this illustration, I have used pencil and watercolour on paper. Have a nice day everyone!

Danas je vrijeme za još jednu objavu za moju  Nadahnuta s....rubriku. Ovaj put bila sam nadahnuta s Jennifer. Možete vidjeti elegantnu kombinaciju koja me nadahnula ovdje.  Za ovu ilustraciju koristila sam olovku i vodene boje na papiru. Želim vam svima ugodan dan!

ponedjeljak, 26. rujna 2016.

She is cooler than cool / Ona je iznad svega ( Fashion illustration of the day/ Modna ilustracija dana)

Is background important? Yes, it is important in many ways. Today I won't talk about having the right kind of background for a certain job or position (widely debated topic today) but I will talk about background in paintings and drawings. Not in the historical sense of the world, one that has to do with history of classical art. I won't analyze great painters, not just yet. I will, however, mention the history of fashion illustration. Is there such thing? There certainly is. It is estimated that fashion illustration is approximately 500 years old. It dates back to the origins of fashion as we know it today, albeit it could be argued with good points that fashion is a lot older than that (points I happen to agree with that is why I'm using the phrase 'fashion as we know it today' because that implies a newer definition of fashion that is often taken for granted). After all, there are very precise paintings of garments to be found in Asian art that are a lot older from Western ones, so it is not like it is something relatively new (and only five centuries old). Still, five hundred years seems to be the standard version in fashion history textbooks. Fashion illustration, from its origins, has both practical and artistic aspect. Sometimes it was a bit more than a sketch and sometimes it was a work of art in its own right. Fashion illustration, throughout history,  was often used in advertisements. In fact, all the first adds in all the first fashion magazines were using just that- fashion illustrations. In fact, fashion illustrations used to be the main method of advertising. Hence, there was a strong commercial aspect to fashion illustrations back then. 

Je li pozadina važna? Naravno važna je na puno načina. Danas tema neće biti imati pravi pozadinu za neki posao ili položaj (tema o kojoj se puno raspravlja danas) nego ću pričati o pozadini na slikama i crtežima. Ne u povijesnom smislu, onom koji ima veze s poviješću klasične umjetnosti. Neću analizirati velike slike, ne još. No, spomenut ću povijest modne ilustracije. Je li to uopće postoji? Naravno da postoji. Pretpostavlja se da je povijest modne ilustracije stara oko petsto godina. Datira u same početke mode kakvu poznajemo danas, mada naravno da postoje valjani argumenti da je moda puno starija od toga, s kojima se ja osobno, slažem zato i naglašavam "moda kakvu znamo danas" da bi naglasila da je riječ o novijoj definiciji mode koja se čini se uzima zdravo za gotovo. Napokon, postoje jako ddetaljne slike odjeće u Azijskoj umjetnosti koje su starije od zapadnih prikaza tako da se svakako ne radi o nečemu relativno novim ( i starom samo pet stoljeća). Ipak ta definicija od pet stotina godina čini se standardnom u povijesnim knjigama o modi. Modna ilustracija od svojih početaka imala je i praktičnu i umjetničku ulogu. Ponekad je bila tek nešto više od skice, a ponekad pravo malo umjetničko djelo. Modna ilustracija,  se kroz povijest, često koristila u oglašavanju. Zapravo prvi oglasi u svim prvim modnim časopisima su koristili upravo to- modne ilustracije. Zapravo modne ilustracije su nekada bile glavno sredstvo oglašavanja. Tako da je tada postojao naglašeni komercijalni aspekt modnih ilustracija.

People say that the invention of photography has killed the fashion illustration but I would disagree. Why be negative and say that that fashion illustration was robbed of it main function and consequently lost its power? That is partially true btw, fashion illustration lost the race to fashion photography when it comes to the prime marketing tool, but that is not all the story. Fashion illustration went underground but it hasn't disappeared. Freed from its commercial purpose, fashion illustration has flourished in a new way.  If you look at contemporary fashion illustrations,  like Kat MacLeod,  Susannah Garrod, Natasha Thomson, Garance Dore or Maya Baus (to name just a few), you will notice that have all developed their own unique signature style. Personally I simply adore contemporary fashion illustration for it is often is quite daring, wonderfully bold and  refreshingly different. It is like all the rules have been abolished. This field is filled with amazingly talented artists and it is booming with life. Fashion illustration is neither forgotten nor dead, it survived the all its crisis. Perhaps its disappearance from the magazine was a blessing in a disguise for it could be argued it has helped fashion illustration get back to its artistic roots. You know what they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Fashion illustration is still alive and kicking. I'm even blessed to have   one fashion illustration among my blogging friends, so I often get a daily dose of inspiration. Yes, it is you Pablo! Visit his blog Fungi Express if you already hadn't. Pablo also writes great articles about various topics, mostly looking upon these worldly subjects from a fashion angle.

Ljudi kažu da je izum fotografije ubio modnu ilustraciju, ali ja se s time ne slažem. Zašto biti tako negativan i reći da je modna ilustracija izgubivši svoju glavnu funkciju izgubila svoju moć? To je djelomično točno, modna ilustracija je doista izgubila uturku s fotografijom za mjesto glavnom marketinškoga alata, ali to nije cijela priča. Modna ilustracija je otišla u podzemlje, ali nije nestala. Oslobođena svoje komercijalne svrhe, modna ilustracija je procvjetala na jedan novi način. Pogledate li suvremene modne ilustratorice ( ostavila sam vam poveznice u engleskom dijelu teksta, slobodno tamo kliknite ako vas zanimaju djela spomenutih umjetnica), sigurno ćete primijetiti da su sve razvile (slučajno je ispalo da su sve žene) poseban stil slikanja koji je samo njima svojstven. Osobno ja jednostavno obožavam suvremenu modnu ilustraciju jer je često jako odvažna, divno hrabra i osvježavajuće drukčija. Kao da su sva pravila ukinuta. Ovo polje prepuno je nevjerojatno talentiranih umjetika i puno je života. Modna ilustracija nije ni zaboravljena, ni mrtva, preživjela je sve svoje krize. Možda je njen nestanak iz časopisa zapravo bio prerušeni blagoslov jer bi se moglo reći da je baš to pomoglo modnoj ilustraciji da se vrati svojim umjetničkim korjenima. Znate kako kažu! Što vas ne ubije, ojača vas. Modna ilustracija se još drži. Čak sam toliko sretna pa imam i jedanoga modnoga ilustratora među prijateljima blogerima tako da često dobijem dnevnu dozu nadahnuća. To si ti, Pablo! Posjetite njegov blog Fungi Express ako već niste. Pablo piše i vrhunske članke, o svakakvim temam, većinom iz  modnoga kuta, ali s osvrtom na svjetske teme. 

*** Ovdje završava moj hrvatski prijevod teksta jer žurim, pa ću samo sažeti bit, naime u naredna četiri odlomka govorim o svom odnosu prema modnim ilustracijama, ali mislim da sam već govorila o tome na blogu, tako da  to nije ništa novo. Nekakav je moj zaključak cijele ovo teme to da je modna ilustracije još uvijek iznad svega, nekakako kako mi djeluje i ova djevojka na slici (vratila sam se akvarelu kao što možete vidjeti). Žao mi je ali jučer nisam imala vremena prevoditi članak. Nažalost, treba mi jednako vremena za prevođenje svoga teksta kao i tuđega, to zapravo i ne ide brzo jer iako mi je hrvatski jezik materijalni moram ipak prvo pročitati tekst na engleskom jer obično na njemu pišem. Ljubim vas, hvala na čitanju.

So, it seems that fashion illustration is here to stay. Students of Fashion Designer are still taught to draw, sketch and paint their creations. This can, I believe, be very useful in developing and reinforcing the creative process of designing. Anyway, it can't hurt, right? Not that you need to be a painter to be a designer, many great designers can't draw a straight line, they simply hire professional illustrators to do it for them. Believe it or not, some artists do fashion illustrations for a living. Obviously, fashion illustration is here to stay. There are also people like myself, hobby artists who do fashion illustrations for their own pleasure.  What is my story? Well, I have always done fashion illustrations ever since I was a little girl. I didn't see it as anything out of the ordinary, because I would drew and paint just about anything all the time, yet when  I would draw clothes, it would usually be just that- a sketch, an illustration or a painting of an outfit. In other words, a fashion illustration. It was a hobby I never completely gave up upon, even if there was probably an odd year when I would not draw any fashion illustration. I only started collecting my own fashion illustrations recently and many of my old works were lost in the move from Split to Mostar ( I had to throw them in recycle bins because I simply couldn't transport all my paintings). I'm afraid the same faith awaits my newer works, but I'm still trying to work out a system that would allow me to store them. Being faced with so many exploding folders, I feel tempted to give it up. At any rate, fashion illustration is something I always did, but most often without even realizing that is what I was doing at the moment. 

I talked about our mechanism of denial here in Why Is Fashion Often A Dirty Word? The thing is, I still want to do fashion illustration. That desire has never left me. It hasn't evolved into something more, but it hasn't lost its intensity either. So, here I am. Drawing, sketching, illustration and painting fashion illustrations in many different styles (from cartoon-ish to artistic) and using various media (pencil, make up, watercolour, pastels, oil paints and what not). I'm not active at the Instagram at the moment, but often I share these creations with you here on modaodaradosti. It can be a lot of time but naturally often it can be quite tiring because I have so many ideas and it is hard to dedicate a substantial amount of time for in. So, in reality I often can't spare more than fifteen minutes for an illustration yet that's life, always bittersweet and never having quite enough time. You know what they say? When you care, you make time for it. There is also that Inspired by feature I'm very fond of and I'm doing my best to keep it going. It's a challenge setting aside time for it and even a greater challenge figuring out how to store all those illustration. Nevertheless, it is certainly something I want to be doing and that's why I'm doing it, so no complains here. 

Now, let's get back to the topic of background. Usually there is a background to my fashion illustration and it is kind of a part of my fashion illustration. I'm  not sure why. Maybe it has to do with placement, the feeling of capturing some definite place and time. Perhaps I'm afraid that without it my girls would get stuck up in some fashion limbo. Joking aside, I like how a nice background makes illustration seem more grounded. You might have noticed that often background plays an important part in the atmosphere I'm trying to create with a certain illustration. To me it is just something that makes sense. Perhaps it is because I'm self-taught and have never took a fashion illustration course, but I think that the background doesn't necessarily take away the focus from the clothes. Because you know what? Clothes are never just clothes, there is always a context and a story. I'm sure that is what draws me to fashion. 

The older I get, the more I realize that fashion is a very complex thing, a monstrous creature that escapes our definitions and just when we think we have cornered it, this monstrous creature jumps over our heads and leaves us in bewilderment.  Fashion illustration? It has found a way to evolve. For some it's a hobby, for others a career, but it is here to stay. I was thinking of naming this illustration 'She is cooler than cool' but it has just now struck me that could be said of fashion illustration as well. This girl on this watercolour illustration of mine? She seems cooler than cool. She has her flare jeans, red blouse and matching choker, black blazer (velvet) and pointy (ankle!) boots and I love her for attitude as much as for her clothes. Do you know what else I love? Fashion illustration, for what it was and for what it is, because fashion illustration is cooler than cool. Thank you for reading!



watercolour on paper/ vodene boje na papiru

nedjelja, 25. rujna 2016.

Why is fashion often a dirty world? / Zašto je moda često prljava riječ?

Is fashion a dirty world? Why is it something that is not supposed to be debated among seriour or even decent people? Why it is not something that most of us would consider as a job choice? Is it because we think it is unapproachable or because we're kind of ashamed of wanting to work in fashion? Is there something wrong with liking fashion? Or why are we so often ashamed of our interest in fashion? If we admit that we like it, we often get this feeling of forbidden pleasure. Why is fashion often seen as a modern demon? Is there something that makes it fundamentally bad and wicked or is it all in our heads? Why do we demonize those working in fashion? Why do we assume they’re mean and shallow? Why do we find it so easy to believe that it is all about ‘mind games’ (as portrayed in Devil wears Prada) and less about work and talent? For if we are going to be honest, fashion is about work and talent. Do you really think that someone can last years working in an industry that is all about the next thing without genuine work ethics and talent? Still, this aspect of it gets often ignored.

 You know, you can often hear people saying things like:

- I'm not really interested in fashion, I'm interested in couture.
-I’m not really interested in fashion, I only care about street wear.
-I don’t care about fashion; I’m only interested in aesthetics.
-I buy fashion magazines because of photography.
- I watch fashion shows because I’m interested in designs.
- I collect fashion illustrations/ fashion photography because I love art.

But, really…. isn’t fashion all of these things? Isn’t it a business as well as design, couture as well as street wear, fashion illustrations as well as selfies, fashion photography as well as market research diagrams? Isn't it composed of all those things?

 Fashion is as artistic as it is kitsch. Sometimes a starlet plays as much as a role in promoting a certain brand or designer, that a whole team of PR experts and hardworking journalist. Maybe it is not fair but it is so. It is probably not easy for those working hard every day to feel so overlooked, but that is reality that can’t be ignored. Fashion exists on so many levels it is insane. In one way it is wonderfully democratic. Everyone gets to have a say in it and sometimes just about everyone does. You could say it is not so, you can saw that kitsch is not real fashion, that it isn’t arty enough but who gets to say what is real fashion and what is fake one? Do you know what I really  think? IT IS ALL FASHION.

It is all fashion. Fashion can be art but it can also be incredibly vulgar. Most of the time it is both at the same time. It is the fashion editor with years of experience and some Hollywood A star choosing a gown for a red carpet. Both of them will influence buying options of millions. It is all fashion.  It is the it starlet of the moment,because as much as some people hate it, that starlet will sit the first row at fashion shows and her saying will carry weight. Fashion is a fashion photographer with hundreds of awards and some guy in a suit who only cares about profit. Fashion is the women who sews the clothes and the designer that designs it. Fashion is an investor and the buyer. Fashion is what people are wearing on the streets. Fashion is as much about what you see on catwalks during fashion weeks and what you see people wearing to those fashion shows. Fashion is a girl who will start the next start without knowing it.  It happens every day and it is not only about what some market developer says it should be. 

Thousands of designers work on new collections daily and fashion industry employs millions, but in a way everyone gets to have their say. Fashion trends are born not only in mind of creative and business people, but they come alive on streets and sometimes they explode globally. All of us that write about fashion without ever having been a part of fashion industry or having worked a day in a fashion magazine, are a part of it too. It is weird when you think of it, but in a way it is also kind of cool. How everyone can inspire everyone. How we can support one another. What is not so cool is how we can  bring one another down…. all with fashion because like just in every field of great human interest, there are plenty of snobs and manipulators in fashion. Perhaps that is how fashion got its bad rap, but no I don't believe that fashion is to blame for anything. There is nothing in the business of designing beautiful clothes that is wrong, what is wrong is the human need to humiliate others to feel better, but this happens everywhere and always, and is in no way restricted to only fashion.

 Internet has certainly had a major impact on the fashion. We all get to have a say, we get to interact with brands and among ourselves. We’re all part of it too. All of us bloggers, instagrammers, twitter users and people expressing their point of view on whatever social platform. Some may say it is not fair, but it what it is. Fashion is an industry. Fashion is elitist. Fashion is democratic. It is all of those things at the same time. Fashion is a paradox.  Fashion is insane and irrelevant. Fashion is important and serious. Fashion is impossible to define. Is it any wonder it fascinates us so much?

P.S. We shall do a lot of talking about fashion on modaodaradosti in the next few days, so stay tuned.

Dress/ Haljina: Galeb
scarf worn as belt/ rubac nošen kao remen: vintage
bag/torba: vintage
shoes/ cipele: Nosens
*Location/ Lokacija: Čapljina, BIH

subota, 24. rujna 2016.

Book recommendation (and review) of the day / Preporuka knjige ( i ogled) dana : Pavao Pavličić, Melem

Today we're going to talk about Melem, a novel by Pavao Pavlichich. This Croatian writer has (so far) published 95 books (most of them are novels), so he must be doing something right when it comes to writing. His works have been translated to German, French, Czech,  Slovakian, Slovenian, Rumanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Danish language. Pavao, for me, is one of those authors whose works you're certain you will like even before you start reading them. I always end up liking his novels. Nevertheless, I must admit that his novels don't move me as deeply as works by some other Croatian writers. That being said, I do admire his prociency as a writer and the abudance of his writing imagination.

Danas ćemo pričati o Melemu, romanu Pavla Pavličića. Ovaj je hrvatski pisac izdao (do sada) 95 knjige ( većina njih su romani), tako da mu pisanje očito dobro ide. Njegova djela su prevođena na njemački, francuski, češki, slovački, slovenski, rumunjski, bugarski, makedonski i danski jezik. Pavao je za mene jedan od onih pisaca za koje si siguran da će ti se njihova djela svidjeti čak i prije nego što ih pročitaš. Uvijek mi se svide njegovi romani. Ipak moram priznati da me ne diraju toliko duboko kao djela nekih drugih hrvatskih pisaca. Svakako se divim njegovoj spisateljskoj plodnosti, a očito je da i spisateljske mašte ima napretek. 

 His writing style is always fairly simple, but it suits him and I honestly don’t mind it at all. I don't see his minimalistic writing style as a downside, especially in his type of crime novels. Hemingway had a similar writing style, almost journalistic and kind of 'macho' but I always loved Hemingway and I feel the same way about  Pavlichich ( Pavličić). Pavao reminds me of Hemingway in some ways. His protagonists, for example, are always men. His plots are great and his stories is always interesting to read. Still, I wish he would surprise me at least once and attempt something more ambitious.

Njegov stil pisanja je uvijek dosta jednostavan, ali mu pristaje i meni ne smeta. Ne vidim taj minimalistički stil pisanja kao nekakvu manu, pogotovo u ovakvoj vrsti kriminalističkih romana. Hemingway je imao sličan stil pisanja, skoro pa novinarski i pomalo "mačo" pa sam ga uvijek voljela, a isto tako volim i Pavličića. Pavao me podsjeća na Hemingwaya na nekoliko načina. Njegovi protagonist, npr., su uvijek muškarci. Njegov zaplet je uvijek odličan, a njegove su priče uvijek zanimljive za pročitati. Svejedno, voljela bi da me bar jednom iznenadi i pokuša nešto ambicioznije.

I liked this novel and I enjoyed reading it, but it made me wonder if the author is sticking to 'what works' a bit too much.  I really think he ought to try to branch out a bit, create a novel with a bit more complexity, but that's just my opinion. The protagonist of this novel is Srećko (his name translates as Lucky) a guy working in a retirement home. The opening of the novel is really funny. Frustrated with his life, this guy decided to make a run for it. So, in a spur of the moment thing, he steals a taxi parked in front of the retirement home. The plot really starts when our young man wakes up in a hospital. It is a strange private hospital; one he would love to leave as soon as possible but he seems to be trapped there for a number of readers. Firstly, he has a cast which obviously restricts his movements. Secondly, he got there after smashing a stolen taxi and the doctors in the hospital already told the cops he wasn’t there. He will be in trouble if he leaves hospital but also he isn't certain where exactly he is because the hospital is located away from the main roads. Thirdly, he meets a young lady he likes. However, there is something fishy going on in this hospital. Patients suddenly becoming happy. How does that happen? Did the doctors do that? Srećko and his new love interest,  the girl Gorka ( her name translated as Bitter) decide to start their own investigation and get to the bottom of this mistery.

Svidio mi se ovaj roman i uživala sam u čitanju, ali sam se zapitala ne drži li se pisac malo previše onoga što je prokušano i igra li uvijek na sigurno. Mislim da bi trebao pokušati nešto novo, stvoriti malo složeniji roman, ali to je samo moje mišljenje. Protagonist ovoga romana je Srećko, tip koji radi u staračkom domu. Sam početak romana je jako smiješan. Frustriran svojim životom, Srećko odluči pobjeći i bez razmišljanja ukrade taksi ispred staračkoga doma. Radnja zaista počinje kada se naš mladić probudi u bolnici. To je neobična privatna bolnica i on bi rado iz nje što prije otišao, no čini se da je tamo zarobljen na više načina. Gips koji ima na nozi ograničava mu kretanje,  doktori su već rekli policiji da nije tu ( završio je u bolnici jer je slupao ukradeni taksi), biti će u problemima ako ode iz bolnice, nije baš sasvim ni siguran gdje je bolnica samo da je podalje od glavnih cesta, a i upoznao je djevojku koja mu se sviđa. No, u bolnici ne događa nešto neobično. Pacijenti odjednom postaju sretni. Kako se to događa? Jesu li doktori za to zaslužni? Srećko i djevojka u koju se zaljubljuje Gorka odlučuju istražiti što se događa i razotkriti misteriju.

There are two ways to read this book. One of them is simply reading this novel as a crime/ thriller. It works perfectly well that way. However, this novel can also be read from a philosophical point of view. If you have read other works by this author, you would have had noticed a recurring theme of pursuit of happiness. This idea of unhappiness as something fundamental for human existence is exploided well in this novel. Not that this novel is a depressive read, far from it, but it does show how it is certainly not easy to achieve happiness. Moreover, it stresses that happiness even when attainted, doesn't last for very long. It is a bittersweet kind of novel, but it doesn't take itself too seriously and it is spiced with plenty of good humour. In all of Pavao's works, I can see a deeper message and naturally I do like that. This recurring motive of unability to attain happiness speaks volumes about the complexity of human existance. I don't really see his novels as the greatest of literature masterpieces, but they are certainly literature, not just amusing reads. There is a lot we can learn from his novels, if we keep and open mind and forget about the genre stereotypes, and  besides his works are all very reader-friendly. 

Postoje dva načina za čitanje ove knjige. Jedan je jednostavno čitati ovaj roman kao krimić/ triler. Sasvim dobro funkcionira na taj način. Ipak, ovaj roman se može čitati i iz psihološkoga kuta viđenja. Ukoliko ste čitali druga djela ovoga autora, primijetili ste ponavljajuću temu uzaludne potrage za  srećom. Ideja nesreće kao nečega što je osnovno za ljudsku egzistenciju ne nešto što je dobro razrađeno u ovome romanu. Ne da je ovaj roman depresivno štivo, daleko od toga, ali pokazuje kako nije lako postići sreću, a i naglašava kako sreća čak i kada je postignuta ne traje baš dugo. To je gorko-slatki roman, ali ne uzima sebe previše ozbiljno i začinjen je s puno humora. U svim Pavlovim djelima, ja mogu vidjeti neku dublju poruku i naravno da mi se to sviđa. Ponavljajući motiv nemogućnosti postizanja sreće govori puno o kompleksnosti ljudske egzistencije. Ne vidim njegove romane kao najveća postignuća književnosti, ali su svakako književnost, a ne samo zabavno štivo. Možemo puno naučiti iz njegovih djela, ako smo dovoljno otvoreni i ne ograničavamo se žanrovskim odrednicama, a osim toga njegova su djela lagana za čitanje. 

To conclude, I do recommend this novel. It was a fun read that gave me enough food for the thought and that is not something you see everyday. This crime novel is, in a way, also a debate about the nature of happiness. This philosophical aspect of this novel is very refreshing. It is not the most profound novel that I have read, but there is depth to be found in it, if you're willing to keep your mind open. So, what do you say? Will you give him a try? Have you already read something by him?

Da zaključim, preporučila bih ovaj roman. Bio je zabavno štivo koje mi ujedno i dalo dovoljno materijala za razmišljanje, a to nije nešto što se viđa svakoga doba. Ovaj kriminalistički roman je ujedno i svojevrsna rasprava o prirodi sreće. Ovaj psihološki aspekt romana je jako osvježavajući. Nije nešto najdublje što sam pročitala, ali zaista ima dubine za pronaći u njemu, ukoliko ste voljni biti otvorenih pogleda. Onda, što kažete? Hoćete li mu dati priliku? Jeste li već pročitati neko njegovo djelo?