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February Recap (art & DIY projects & outfits)

I've put a lot of effort into blogging this February, I hope it shows. As far as the content goes, February was similar to January, mostly a mix of my illustrations and outfit posts (here). This month I was full of positing ideas and I managed to make many of them happen. I feel pretty good about that. The only thing I feel bad about is making my blog monolingual and not using my other languages, but translating texts from English to other languages takes such a long time. It is so much easier to just write in English.  Hopefully, I'll manage to change that and make my blog multilingual again. I need to organize my time better. Fingers crossed. For March I already have a few posts prepared. You can expect more art (mostly fashion illustrations) & outfit posts. 


I shared two DIY projects in February, one about making a Barbie dress, the other was about how to paint a plant container. I don't have any DIY projects prepared for March, but I'm sure that I'll come up with something.  Hardly ever a month goes by that I don't share a DIY project or two.

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I shared quite a few outfits this February. I also put some effort into writing and sharing some tips on keeping warm. My style hasn't changed drastically, but I've started to wear more neutral colours. I'm still a lover of bold colours and patterns, but as of late my outfits have become a bit less colourful. My favourite outfit of the month is the one with the denim skirt & leather jacket. 


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Let's visit Hutovo blato together! Idemo zajedno u posjet Hutovom blatu!
How to dress feminine in Winter ( even when you're going hiking)? 7 ways to look more feminine in Winter/ Outfit proposal of the day
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Flared #jeans and magetna coat (location Mostar, BIH) #winterstyling #winter
A little black skater dress and a green winter jacket (Ethno village Herceg, Herzegovina)


I only shared one book recommendation this month, but that is because I have another blog for that. If you want to read more of my book reviews, I can invite you to visit that other blog. I didn't manage to do as much reading this February as I usually do, I think I only managed to read five or six novels. Granted some of those novels were quite long, but still in January I somehow managed to read more than a dozen books so I feel a bit unaccomplished in terms of reading. I need to plan my March reading time better. Technically speaking, February isn't over yet, so I hope I'll manage to finish Gli Indiffrenti by Alberto Moravia by tonight and add another book to my February list.

Being a Teen by Jane Fonda (book review and recommendations)


I shared a lot of my illustrations and paintings, so I will include just a selection of them in this recap. You can always visit my old posts if you want to see them all. I finally managed to open an online shop and I will probably continue uploading my art there.

Fashion Illustration Of the Day (a Blue Cocktail Dress Worn With Blue heels)

Interesting facts about the church of St. Stephen, located in Starigrad city on island Hvar

Should We Redo Our Work Or Leave It As It Is? How Much Editing Is Too Much Editing?
Happy Chinese New Year!
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Fashion illustrations of the day (markers)

Hello darlings! How are you? Can you believe that February ends today? This month has just flown by. I know it's the shortest month in the year but still. Today I'm going to share 3 fashion illustrations and sketches with you. The medium for all of them is marker on paper. I don't work with markers that often, but sometimes it is good to try something different. The fashion sketches I'm sharing are all about 3 colours: purple, green and red. Spring is in the air, so this is my reflection on all those trends for the new season. The first illustration shows a girl wearing a purple and blue jumpsuit. The second illustration features a girl wearing a transparent green dress with a top and a skirt under that dress. The third illustration shows two girls in red gowns.

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10 Interesting Facts About the Church of St. Stephen in Starigrad City, Island Hvar, Croatia ( plus my acrylic sketch and oil painting)

Today I'm sharing a quick acrylic sketch of church of Saint Stephen in Starigrad, a city located on island Hvar, Croatia. I already painted this church with oil paints,  so I'll share that painting as well. What is so special about this church? For start, it played an important role in one of my favourite TV Croatian series of all times, the legendary 'Malo Misto'. I will get back to this church, but first let me explain my connection to this island that is often described as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. I don't know if you know, but my mother was born on island Hvar and I had actually spent a lot of time there, mostly during my childhood. I grew up in Split (Croatia), but before we started school we would sometimes spent months at time on the island. Not in Starigrad, though. However, Starigrad would often be the first thing I saw when I would set food on the island because that is where the ferry docks so I grew to associate Starigrad with Hvar.

Naturally, Starigrad has a special place in my heart. It is one of the oldest cities in Croatia. It was actually founded by the ancient Greeks. How this happened? After a natural catastrophe on island Faros in Greece, the habitans of that island boarded a ship in a search of a new home and they picked this place on island Hvar. I used to think it was the oldest, but in the meantime I learned that it is competing with another city so depending on the definition and the interpretation of the term, Starigrad can be considered either the first or the second oldest city in Croatia. You can see my previous visits to Starigrad (island Hvar, Croatia)  here, here and here

Lately I've been working more with acrylic paints, but I plan to return to olive painting soon. I'm working with all kinds of mediums right now. I love it but my hands are finding it hard to keep up. The soul is strong, but the body is weak- something that is suppose is true for most of us. It is hard to bring to this world what we are hiding in our hearts. I'm so full of drawing and painting ideas, that sometimes it seems like the top of my head will just pop off. Making all my art idea happen is a bit more difficult. I will probably need to take a break before I lose the use of my right hand (it hurts so much). 

Interesting facts about the church of St. Stephen, located in Starigrad city on island Hvar

Interesting facts about the church of St. Stephen, located in Starigrad city on island Hvar

Interesting facts about the church of St. Stephen, located in Starigrad city on island Hvar

Interesting facts about the church of St. Stephen, located in Starigrad city on island Hvar

1. It was build at the start of the 17 century, more precisely from 1605 onward.

2. It was build on a site of an old church. That previous church was build in the 9/10 century and it had served as a cathedral for the bishop of island Hvar, until 1278 when the city was placed under protection of Venetian republic. From then on, the bishop was based in Hvar city, located not far from Starigrad (Hvar is both the name of the largest city and the island itself).

3. The church was severely damaged by Ottoman attack in 1571. One of Ottoman admirals raided the city prior to participating in the battle of Leopoldo. It was when the town managed to recover from devastation, that the construction of this church began (that is in 1605).

4. The Bell Tower was completed in 1753. It stands apart of the church. The Latin inscription of the bell tower indicates that the stone blocks used for the lower part of the tower were originally brought from Faros, Greece!

5. In the base of the bell tower there is a ruin of Roman merchant city, dating back to second century AD. I haven't actually seen it, but it is on my 'to see' list when I visit this place again.

6. The church was build from stone brought from island Korcula (Korčula) which oxides over time. This oxidation gives the stone its signature reddish brown colour. I find this stone quite beautiful and I can only hope to do it justice with my paintings some day.

7. The church is a three- nave basilica with a squire apse. It is build in a Dalmatian Baroque style. If you visit Dalmatia, you'll have the chance of seeing this style on most old churches. I personally can't get enough of it.

8. The main portal on the facade is the work of master Ivan Pomerich (Pomerić) from island Korcula (Korchula/ Korčula).  Ivan probably designed the whole facade and he also worked on the cathedral of St. Stephen in Hvar city. The Baroque facade features a semicircular garble, a large portal and two smaller size portals. Above the entrance and the central portal, you can also notice a lovely  rose window.

9. The Church holds several valuable works of art. The most notable work of art is a triptych depicting Saint Mary, Saint John The Baptist and St. Jerome, a work of Venetian master  Francesco Gelomano de Santacroce (1516-1584).

10. On the outside of the church, you can find a stone relief of Eros, dating back to  times when Starigrad was an  ancient Greek city. The church itself is located on the square of Saint Stephen, in the centre of the city.

Interesting facts about the church of St. Stephen, located in Starigrad city on island Hvar

Interesting facts about the church of St. Stephen, located in Starigrad city on island Hvar

Interesting facts about the church of St. Stephen, located in Starigrad city on island Hvar

Alright, now that we talked about this church to my hearth content, here comes the oil painting of it, that I did back in 2015. I gave this oil paining to a family friend. His whole family  loves painting (I was pretty sure they're into art, because they often purchase paintings from local artists). So, I think this was a good choice of a present. I think they liked it. They displayed it at the prominent place in their living room, so if that is a sure indication, they do like it. Interesting, one of those family friends took the same art course I did, years later, so we even had one exhibition together. That was just lovely! You can see how love for art can connect people.

When I look back at this old painting, all I can think is how brave I was to just jump into working with oil paints without knowing almost anything about it. In the meantime, I took a few art courses and learned a few things, but I still like my early works because they show a passion for painting, something that I hope I still have. Moreover, I hope I will be able to keep that passion for art and painting.

Interesting facts about the church of St. Stephen, located in Starigrad city on island Hvar
Interesting facts about the church of St. Stephen, located in Starigrad city on island Hvar

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work of Croatian artist/ sculptor Juraj Škarpa here

Interesting facts about the church of St. Stephen, located in Starigrad city on island Hvar

Interesting facts about the church of St. Stephen, located in Starigrad city on island Hvar

That would be all for today! I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you would like to read more about Starigrad city or about island Hvar, let me know and I will browse my archives to prepare more posts for you.  Have a fantastic day!

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How To Handsew a Barbie Dress? My proposal (DIY Project Of the Day- Making Of a Barbie Dress)

Happy Monday darlings! Today I have a very exciting DIY project to share. I'm going to show you how to hand make a designer Barbie dress. Now, I've made Barbie dresses before but this was my first attempt to make a professional looking Barbie dress. My first time coming up with a distinct design and then hand-sewing a Barbie dress. I actually made two Barbie dresses and one coat. In this post I will show you the results and explain how I made these Barbie clothing items.

For this DIY you will need:

1. Fabric
2. Satin cords (or something else for decoration)
3. Needle and thread
4. Scissors 
5. Barbie doll (optional)

There are probably two main reasons why someone would want to make a Barbie dress. First reason is that you want to make it for yourself. The second reason is that you want to make a Barbie dress to give it to somebody, be it to a person who collects Barbie dolls or a child that will actually play with the Barbie doll. In my case it's the latter. I made these two Barbie dresses for two little girls (aged 2 and 4). I've never collected Barbies or made things for them for aesthetic purposes. All the Barbie dresses I made so far were always practical. This is the first time I actually took the time to come up with a design. 

I love our new dresses! #barbiedolls #barbiecreation #creative #diy

How To Handsew a Barbi Dress? My proposal (DIY Project Of the Day)

How To Handsew a Barbi Dress? My proposal (DIY Project Of the Day)

These dresses I made can actually stand on their own, so they could be used as home decor. By standing on their own, I mean they are self supporting, you can place them somewhere (on a shelf for example) and make them a decor item. I almost wanted to keep them when I saw how cute they turned out. Maybe I should make dresses like these ones for decor purposes?

One of the things I loved about this project was the opportunity to recycle or perhaps better to say upcycle. I found this beautiful checkered material and after I made a dress for myself, I also decided to make these little Barbie dresses. As you might have noticed, I'm really keen on DIY project. This one turned a bit more difficult that I had originally imagined, but no regrets. It took me about 8 hours to sew these dresses, so it was not the easiest project ever. 

How hard is it to make a Barbie dress? Well, it is not easy. Let's be honest about that. My hands still hurt. I made these dresses last week and I can barely move my right hand at this point. Let me tell you, those tiny stitches are hard on the hands. I included a lot of photographs in this post, so you can see the whole process and see the 'progress' I made on sleeves and etc. The dresses I made have a slightly different cut. One Barbie dress is an A skirt, while the other is a straight cut dress but with interesting details on the back. I didn't want to repeat the design. The sleeveless coat I made is really simple. I just measured where the hands should be and then lined it. The dresses took more time and thought. 

How To Handsew a Barbi Dress? My proposal (DIY Project Of the Day)

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While I was preparing this post, I did a bit of research. I suspect there must be Barbie patterns out there and surely enough when I googled those, they turned out. They are all over the place, I easily found some on Pinterest. So, yes, in case you're wondering- there are free Barbie patterns on the Internet. I do recommend using them, especially if that is how you like to sew. There are clear advantages to following a pattern. As you can see, I just improvised, (as usual) but I think that using a pattern could actually make things easier. In addition, I could make things faster especially if you own a sewing machine, that would obviously speed things up. However, I should note that even if you do own a sewing machine, you'll still probably need to do some sewing by hand. Because Barbie clothing items are so tiny, it is not always possible to use a sewing machine, even if you know how. I don't actually own a sewing machine. I sew these dresses by hand, without a pattern and that is why it probably took so long to make them.

How To Handsew a Barbi Dress? My proposal (DIY Project Of the Day)

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How To Handsew a Barbi Dress? My proposal (DIY Project Of the Day)

My tutorial (dress making proposal) for making a fabulous Barbie dress.

1. Buy or borrow a Barbie doll. Having a model might make the sewing easier. You can try on the clothes and see if they fit, if you need to alter them.

2.  If you're making a dress,  consider using a Barbie clothing item as an undergarment. In addition, you think about recycling parts of some other Barbie clothing item. These two Barbie dolls I got came with very basic short dresses that I decided to use as an under dress. Once my dresses were completed, the original 'dresses' weren't visible at all but they added structure to the dresses I made and made things a bit easier.

3. Decide on a design and stick to it. You don't have to decide on a every single detail, but you will need to decide on the cut of the dresses before you cut the fabric. For example, if you want to make a dress with ruffles, you will need more fabric. You can decide on the decorations and details later on, but the basic cut should be decided on early on in the process.

4. Measure and cut the fabric.  After you have established the design and the cut of the Barbie clothing items you want to make, sew your designed clothing items together. Don't forget to measure the fabric! You can always cut the excess fabric but if you use too little fabric (i.e. not enough) , you'll have to abandon the process and start anew.

5. Finalize the design. Don't forget to hem the Barbie dresses. Unless you're using faux leather or something that doesn't require hemming, you will need to hem Barbie clothes. Consider lining and underlining as those things always makes the garment look couture and polished.

6.  Add the finishing touches, like decorations (optional). I actually added  lots of details once I had sewed the dresses together. I used satin cords to create little hair bows for my Barbies. In addition, I used satin cords on both dresses. The transparent red satin cord is actually part of the design of the dresses and serves as the 'top' of the dress but  I also added red satin cord to one of the dresses, I sewed it in and then I tied a bow. I don't know if you can see it but I have also sewed in a red heart under the transparent red satin cord  (on the dress with a A cut)

7. Wrap the Barbie dresses you made! This step is completely optional as you're going to do it only if you made your Barbie dresses as a present for someone.

How To Handsew a Barbi Dress? My proposal (DIY Project Of the Day)

How To Handsew a Barbi Dress? My proposal (DIY Project Of the Day)

How do you like this DIY? Would you consider trying it? Have you ever made a Barbie dress? If you were to make a Barbie dress, how would you use it? Would you give it some kid? Are there any Barbie collectors among you? Did you play with Barbie dolls as a kid? I know I did. Honestly, I have never bought into that philosophy that Barbie dolls created 'unrealistic' expectations for little girls. Children are more influenced by what they mothers say and how they act, then by any dolls. Our mothers are our first style influences. I think that every little girl looks up primarily to her mother and then to other adults. That is where children get their information on how to behave and what to do. Kids are like sponges, they just soak everything in. What influences them the most is a combination of interaction with other people (both children and adults) and media. Barbie dolls on their own are just dolls. However, media is another thing. Cartoons, films and other programs for children are something that needs to be examined. Without getting into the subject deeper, I would certainly advise care when it comes to what children watch on TV and on their phones. Instead of stigmatizing a doll, why not actually speak with children and monitor their growth and thinking?  I mean I also played with unicorns and pony dolls when I was a kid, but it didn't make me think I should become one. Do you know what I mean? Lots of little girls played with classical Barbie dolls and I doubt it did anyone any serious harm. When it comes to self-image, it's always a combination of factors, never something simple as a doll. Anyhow, that would be all for today. I hope you liked this DIY project. As I said, it wasn't the easiest thing to do, but it was more than worth it considering that it made two little girls happy. I'm a big fan of hand made gifts. In today's consumerist world, hand made gifts really meant something. If you make something with your own hands, if you put your time and effort into it, then you know you've put your heart into that gift.   I wish you a fantastic week ahead.

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How To Handsew a Barbi Dress? My proposal (DIY Project Of the Day)

How To Handsew a Barbi Dress? My proposal (DIY Project Of the Day)

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